Pavilion Ribbon Cutting
August 18, 2022

Farmville is gearing up for the fall and its first major event will be a Ribbon Cutting event for the Nathan R. Cobb, Sr. (NRCS) Foundation, Inc. Community Pavilion at 1:00 pm. Located at 3876 South Walnut Street, the new outdoor event venue will be used for Foundation events, but it also will be available for community gatherings.

“We want to add value to Farmville,” says Dr. Alma C. Hobbs, NRCS President and daughter of the late Nathan R. Cobb, Sr. “We plan to rent it out to community groups and the proceeds will help us provide more scholarships, which is one of the mission programs of the Foundation.

Farmville Chamber Conducting Summer Sign-Up Campaign
July 25, 2022

Since summer brings a slower pace, the Farmville Chamber of Commerce is taking advantage of that time, and personally visiting many of its businesses in the downtown district and throughout the area as part of its Summer Sign-up Campaign.

“I enjoy stopping by our amazing businesses and chatting with owners,” says Lori Drake, the Executive Director of the Farmville Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center. “It’s especially fun this summer because I have so much exciting news to share with them!”

Farmville to Host Groundbreaking Ceremony For New Pavilion
November 22, 2021

“Only good things happen in Farmville,” and on Monday, November 29 at 1:00 pm, the town will break ground for the Nathan R. Cobb, Sr. (NRCS) Foundation, Inc. Pavilion. The new outdoor event venue is located on South Main across the street from the Community Center.

“The Pavilion is conveniently located in a space that is already community based,” says Alma Hobbs, president of the NRCS Foundation and Town Commissioner, “and its purpose is to serve the town. It is an outreach to the community.”

Farmville Welcomes Good Morning America
October 12, 2021

Farmville’s famous Paramount Theater marquee announced the exciting news – “WELCOME GOOD MORNING AMERICA.” ABC’s correspondent Kaylee Hartung and her crew were recently in Farmville to do a story on the North Carolina Furniture School located on Wilson Street. The segment, which airs Wednesday, October 13, is part of a series on small businesses and the challenges they faced during the COVID 19 situation.